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The cinema exhibition landscape in Ireland comprises UK owned multiplex cinemas, alongside Irish owned cinema chains, independent cinemas, art-house venues and part-time cinemas. There are 480 cinema screens in Ireland, over 200 of which are digital, and 125 enabled for 3D projection.  For a full listing of Irish cinemas, click here [ http://entertainment.ie/cinema/ ]

The largest Irish cinema chains operating in Ireland are the IMC http://www.imccinemas.ie/ and Omniplex Cinemas http://www.omniplex.ie/ managed by Ward Anderson, which have 33 cinemas spread across the island of Ireland.  

With regard to art-house cinema, the main sites in Ireland are based in Dublin, notably the Irish Film Institute http://www.irishfilm.ie/, the Light House Cinema http://www.lighthousecinema.ie/ and the Screen http://www.screen.ie/.  The Irish Film Institute also programmes non-mainstream films for The Model http://themodel.ie/ in Sligo and The Triskel http://www.triskelart.com/ in Cork.  There also exists an extensive network of close to 100 part-time cinema sites who are members of the Access Cinema circuit, and regularly programme Irish and art-house film titles http://www.accesscinema.ie/.

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