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Producer on the Move

Producers on the Move scheme at the Cannes International Film Festival and Market in 2000.

Since then, more than 100 of Europe's most talented young producers have been introduced to the industry at large during this important international event.

Ireland has participated in the PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE scheme during the past number of years.


2000 Marina Hughes
2001 Tristan Orpen Lynch
2002 Paul Donovan
2003 David McLoughlin
2004 Michael Casey
2005 Nathalie Lichtenthaeler
2006 John McDonnell
2007 Martina Niland
2008 Macdara Kelleher
2009 Andrew Freedman
2010 Katie Holly
2011 Rebecca O'Flanagan
2012 Morgan Bushe
2013 Conor Barry
2014 John Keville
2015 Juliette Bonass

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