Festivals & Distribution

Irish Film Festivals

Film Festivals play a key role in the promotion of your film.  Find out what film festivals are happening around the country which could screen your film.

International Film Festivals

To help you promote your film around the world we have profiled a number of international festivals to help you create your festival plan.

Cannes Film Festival

The Irish Pavilion acts as the focal point for the Irish industry in Cannes every year. Find out more about the events we organise to promote Irish film.


Need a distributor for your film? Look no further, we have compiled a complete list with contact details for Irish film distributors.


The Irish television sector is continually changing with new players moving into the market all the time. Find a current list of Irish broadcasters here.


The Irish Film Board aims to encourage and develop new audiences for cinema through the Cinemobile and the Cultural Cinema Consortium.

European Film Promotion

Ireland is a member of EFP which aims to support European cinema internationally through the promotion of stars, films and individual producers.

International Irish Film Promotion

Find out about how Irish film is promoted worldwide by international Irish film festivals, Culture Ireland and the IFI International

Certificate of Nationality

These certificates recognise the nationality of films from EU member states.  Applications can be downloaded here.

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