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Guide to Filming Outside Dublin

Film and television production takes place across the 26 counties in the Republic of Ireland from Donegal in the North of the country to Cork in the South. With offices in Galway and Dublin, the Irish Film Board aims to make your shoot as straight-forward as possible, no matter where you film in Ireland.

There is a growing network of official county council based local film contacts covering the entire country. These regional film contacts work in partnership with us to provide advice and information.

We operate a large on-line locations gallery of over 1000 regional film locations, as well as comprehensive on-line databases of production companies, crew and service companies based outside Dublin.

It is very important that you allow time for planning your shoot, especially if you want to film at national landmarks or shoot complicated on-street sequences in our major cities, which could involve hindering the normal traffic of people and vehicles.

This Guide should help you as you plan to film in counties outside Dublin, by highlights the resources available to you.

Please start by contacting the Irish Film Boards "Film Commission" at +353 91 561 398 or by e-mailing us at


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