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Finding a Location


How do I find a location?
We have over 1,500 locations in our online Locations Gallery. This is a free service.

If you cant find what you're looking for we may be able to assign a Location Scout to work on your project. Contact to enquire about this discretionary service.

Will I have to pay for locations?

Privately Owned Locations
There will almost always be a fee for filming in a privately owned location. You Location Manager will negotiate this fee directly with the location owner. Fees are generally charged on a case by case basis depending on your specific requirements.

Street Filming and Public Properties:
There is generally no fee charged for filming in public areas, however the Local Authorities may charge you an administration fee and you will be charged for any additional services that the Council provides (such as waste disposal, parking suspensions).

Do I need to hire a location manager?
The Irish Film Board strongly recommends that, save for very small TV shoots (up to 5 person crew), that producers hire the services of a Location Manager. If you are producing film or TV drama you should have the budget to hire a location scout or manager with a good working knowledge of Dublin and we strongly recommend you to do this. A location manager will find locations, negotiate with owners and agree contracts. They have a thorough understanding of the requirements of Dublin City Council and the other three Local Authorities when seeking permission to film in public spaces and on the application process (which can take up to two weeks or sometimes longer in the case of complex larger dramas).

They will also be trained in Irish health & safety regulations and have experience of liaising with the police for traffic management. The Irish Film Board lists Location Managers and Assistant Locations Managers on its Crew & Services database. We can also introduce you to the Location Managers Guild of Ireland.

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