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Contacting the Police


Contacting the Police

It is recommended that you inform local police for ALL exterior location filming. Once you have contacted the relevant Local Authority to film or local film contact from the Regional Network, they will normally request that you inform local police.  Your Location Manager is best placed to make these contacts on behalf of a production.

Visit to search the "Stations Directory" in the "Contact Us" section of the site.

It is essential that you contact the local police, if you are featuring:

  • Use of firearms (to include prop/replica firearms in interior or exterior locations)
  • Re-creation of crimes
  • Nudity or perceived nudity
  • Fake vehicles
  • Fake uniforms

If there are stunts taking place or management of traffic flow is needed then police supervision may also be required, in addition to permission from the local Authority.

If you are filming with any kind of weapon or replica weapon (even if you are filming inside a private location) it is essential that you contact the police before filming takes place.


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