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The Film Dublin Partnership

The FILM DUBLIN Partnership ensures that Ireland's capital city remains an attractive base for local and international film and television production. The network provides an opportunity for consultation, coordination and communication on complex film and television projects that are in need of multiple agency assistance.

The Irish Film Commission coordinates the 30 members in the partnership to provide logistical support to production occurring in Dublin.

Permits and Access to Dublin Streets:

The local authorities in Dublin provide information about filming on Dublin streets.  

Visit the Local Authorities Section for more information


"During the Irish shoot of Steven Soderbergh's film ‘HAYWIRE', The FILM DUBLIN Partnership were a hugely important and extremely positive component of the production. They were a vital conduit with regard to dealing with the various city agencies, providing a very important framework that allowed the production to access the city."

Peter Conway, Location Manager, Haywire



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