Financing Your Film

Tax Incentives

Ireland offers a wide range of financial incentives for film and TV. Find out more about how these incentives work and how your project can benefit from them.

European Co-Production

Ireland is a member of the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-production. Find out more about how European co-production works and how to apply for co-production status.

International Co-Production

Ireland has official co-production arrangements with Australia, New Zealand and Canada. You can download the official agreements and application forms here.


Find out more about the European initiatives which support a wide range of film and television projects.

State Aid

IFB funding and the tax incentive Section 481 are governed by EU state aid legislation. Find out what implications this legislation may have for your project.

Other Funding Agencies

There are a number of public bodies in Ireland which provide funding for film and television. We have compiled a listing of these agencies here.

Producer Recoupment

Find out more about the IFB's innovative new scheme where producers can share in IFB recoupment revenues.

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