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Producer Recoupment

What is it about?
The Producer Recoupment incentive enables producers to share in the revenues from their film or television project while Bord Scannán na hÉireann/the Irish Film Board is still recouping its investment. In other words, producers will now share in BSÉ/IFB's own revenues, so that part of what would normally flow to BSÉ/IFB towards its own recoupment flows to the producer instead.

How will it work?
A single approach is applied to all types of film, i.e. features, documentaries, animation and television drama, and all types of production and co-production, resulting in one basic principle which pertains to all deals with BSÉ/IFB - albeit with variations in a small number of particular cases.

The producer of a film or television project in which BSÉ/IFB invests, is now entitled to an internal corridor of 50% subject to certain exceptions. In effect, half the money invested by BSÉ/IFB is considered as money invested by the producer. BSÉ/IFB will deem to have recouped its investment when it has earned back half, the other half having been received by the producer. The internal corridor will not apply to net profits.

Please read the Producer Recoupment Guidelines carefully for more details on how this process will work.

Who can avail of this?
This incentive is available to all film and television projects in receipt of BSE/IFB production funding subject to certain exceptions (for example regional support funding, television documentaries and short films).

When is it effective from?
The Producer Recoupment arrangements set out in the Producer Recoupment Guidelines came into effect on 1st July 2007. Films and television projects where financing contracts with BSÉ/IFB were entered into before this date will not benefit from these arrangements.

BSÉ/IFB reserves the right to modify or suspend these arrangements (with due notice given to the industry) and in any event will review their operation and effects within two years of the date above.



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