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BSE/IFB funding awards are announced on a quarterly basis and reflect decisions made by the Board of BSÉ/IFB during each quarterly period.

Please note that all applicants are notified of their funding decision prior to any funding awards being published on this website.

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Quarterly Decision:
Project Director Writer Production Company Funding Award
Screenplay Development
  The Cloud Giant Eoin Rogers €12,000
  A Sleigh In A Manger George Kane €12,000
  Backwater Mike Murray €12,000
Fiction Development Loans
  Vere Goold Glenn Montgomery & Rachel Lysaght Underground Films €11,000
  Brooklyn John Crowley Nick Hornby Parallel Film Productions €20,000
  Glassland Gerard Barrett Garard Barrett Element Pictures €6,000
  My Name Is Emily Simon Fitzmaurice Simon Fitzmaurice Kennedy Films €18,500
  The Beacon JP Siili JP Siili & Jamie Hannigan Ripple World Pictures €20,000
  Mammal Rebecca Daly Rebecca Daly & Glenn Montgomery Fastnet Films €9,000
  The Canal Ivan Kavanagh Ivan Kavanagh Park Films €8,000
  Down To A Sunless Sea David Gleeson David Gleeson Wide Eye Films €10,000
  Harm's Way Cathal Black Adam Rynne Blinder Films €10,000
  The Third Wave David Freyne David Freyne Tilted Pictures €18,000
  Hardy Bucks 2 Mike Cockayne Mike Cockayne, Martin Moloney & Chris Torduff Hardy Films €35,000
  Come Monday, We Kill Them All Michael Kinirons & Jamie Hannigan Stitch Films €10,000
  The Great Storm Jim Sheridan Jim Sheridan Hells Kitchen Provisional Offer of Commitment
  Patricks Day Terry McMahon Terry McMahon Ignition Film Productions €8,000
  In the Belly Of The Whale Morgan Bushe & Eugene O'Brien Fastnet Films €18,000
  The Delinquent Season Mark O'Rowe Mark O'Rowe Parallel Film Productions €45,000
  Stolen Ciaran Donnelly Eoin J. O'Connor Epos Films €15,000
  I'll Take Care Of It Ian Fitzgibbon Andrew Meehan Grand Pictures €18,000
  The Wanted Man Rory Bresnihan Rory Bresnihan Vico Films €11,000
  Sea Fever Neasa Hardiman Neasa Hardiman Fantastic Films €10,000
Animation Development Loans
  The Day Henry Met Gary Gill Gary Gill Wiggleywoo €30,000
  Early Bird Alan Shannon Chris Dicker & Josh Selig Jam Media €30,000

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