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BSE/IFB funding awards are announced on a quarterly basis and reflect decisions made by the Board of BSÉ/IFB during each quarterly period.

Please note that all applicants are notified of their funding decision prior to any funding awards being published on this website.

Please also note that these funding decisions reflect offers of funding only. Some of these offers may expire and thus will not be drawn down. These figures should not be used or quoted for official statistical documents. For a complete list of funding allocated by the IFB, please refer to our annual report.

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Quarterly Decision:
Project Director Writer Production Company Funding Award
Distribution Support
  My Name Is Emily Simon Fitzmaurice Simon Fitzmaurice Eclipse Distribution €35,000
  Traders Peter Murphy & Rachel Moriarty Peter Murphy & Rachel Moriarty Element Distribution €40,000
  Strangerland Kim Farrant Michael Kinirons & Fiona Seres Wildcard Distribution €17,000
  The Truth Commissioner Declan Recks Eoin O'Callaghan Wildcard Distribution €6,000

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