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General Queries

Where is the Irish language DVD for schools GEARRSCANNÁN available?

This DVD is available from Oideas Gael via their website http://www.odieas-gael.com

What aids are available to schools for teaching film studies?

The Education Department of the Irish Film Institute provides information and services to schools through various courses and publications. Further information is available here.

How can I become an extra in a movie?

In order to become a movie extra, contact the Casting Agent or Production Company involved in the film directly. You can also register your details on http://www.movieextras.ie.

Where can I enquire about the rating of a film?

Contact the Irish Film Censor’s Office http://www.ifco.ie

Do BSÉ/IFB provide work experience to students?

BSÉ/IFB is rarely in the position to provide work experience to students, however please email your CV to info@irishfilmboard.ie and your details shall be kept on file should anything become available.

How can I register my property as a location for films?

BSÉ/IFB compile a comprehensive online database of locations across Ireland that can be accessed by interested Location Managers and Producers. In order to register the details of your property in this database, please contact Mags O’Sullivan Deputy Film Commissioner at 091 561398.

As a professional working in the film industry, where can I register my details for any upcoming projects/work?

BSÉ/IFB provides an online database of cast and services that can be accessed by all sectors of the industry. In order to register your details, please follow the instructions here.

Do I need permission to screen a film in a public or a semi public (bar, club, hotel) place?

Yes, screenings outside the home or cinemas require permission from the copyright holders which will be the distributor of the film or the production company itself. All public or semi public screenings require a license of ‘non theatric’ rights under copyright law.

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