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FAQs: Online Applications Process

What is the cut off time for submitting an application on the day of the deadline?

1pm. We strongly recommend that you give yourself ample time to prepare, upload and submit your application before this time as incomplete applications will not be accepted once the online application system closes for each deadline.  

What are the technical requirements for using the online system?

Your computer and internet browser will need to meet these minimum requirements to use the system successfully;

PC: Windows XP or higher with Internet Explorer 8 OR Firefox 2.0 or higher

MAC: Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard or higher with Safari 3.1 or higher OR Firefox 2.0 of higher

If you do not have access to a computer or your computer does not meet these specifications please contact us and we will arrange for a copy of the application form to be sent to you.

How do I register to use the online application system?

You can register for our system on the IFB Funding Programmes section of our website by clicking the Make a Funding Application button. Once you've filled out all the necessary fields and clicked Register you will receive an email from us with details of how to activate your account.

I've registered but I haven't received a confirmation email?

The confirmation email may have gone to your junk folder or you may not be checking the correct email account that you used when you registered.

I've registered but when I enter my login details I've received an error saying my login is invalid?

There may be a number of reasons for this error. 

  • You may not have activated your account. You should have received an email from us with details of how to activate your account. Please check your Inbox and also your junk mail for this email account.
  • You may have typed either the email or password incorrectly. Both usernames and passwords are case sensitive so please bear this in mind.
  • You may have changed your password since your previous login. If you cannot remember your password just click on the "Forgot password" link and we will send you details of how to recover your account.

What if I forget my password ?

If you cannot remember your password just click on the "Forgot password" link and we will send you instructions of how to recover your account.

What files can I upload in support of my application?

We ask you at various stages to upload documents in support of your application.  All of these documents must be in PDF format.  To enable you to upload files quickly, we suggest that no file is greater than 2MB in size.  Some files with high resolution graphics (logos, signatures etc.) may be very large so you will need to reduce the size of these files by compressing them and down sampling the graphics for screen viewing. Most PDF converters will automatically adjust the graphics and reduce their size appropriately.

How do I convert files to PDF format?

There are a number of built-in, free and paid for PDF conversion tools available. Microsoft Office Word can save files in PDF format starting from version 2007. There are on-line PDF converters available for free or for a small fee on the Internet. Adobe, the creators and promoters of the PDF file format sell PDF converter in their on-line shop. Whichever tool you choose for conversion please ensure that the converted file is as intended by checking it in free Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

Why does it take so long to upload my files?

The speed that you upload the files at depends on your Internet connection and also the size of the file that you are uploading. The experience may vary on mobile and ADSL broadband connections. On a typical ADSL broadband it may take up to 1 minute to upload a 2MB file. Slow Internet mobile connections can see the upload time increase to 5 minutes or more. 

Can I provide a link to my supporting material on the web

For some specific questions we ask you to provide us with links to other web sites that house sound or video clips. If the clip is password protected you must also supply us with the password. You can include the password in the field where you have pasted the URL or alternatively you can type it into the Additional Information section.

How do I know you have received my application?

Once you have submitted your application a confirmation message will appear on your screen and you will then immediately receive a confirmation email for your records.  You may need to check your junk email folder if this email does not appear in your inbox.

How do I know if my application has been accepted?

After submission your application will be assessed as to whether it will be accepted into the current round of applications or not. You will then receive an email response with the details of your application and an expected response time.

Is there any reason why an application may not be accepted?

Yes, there are some instances where an application may not be accepted:-

  • If any of the material submitted is incomplete
  • If you have attached an incorrect document in error
  • If submission of your application has not been approved by one of the relevant IFB personnel - this applies to all production and distribution application categories.

 It also applies if you are resubmitting a development application that has previously been turned down for funding by BSÉ/IFB.

What happens if I miss the monthly deadline?

Your application will automatically go into the following month's deadline.

What happens if I miss a deadline for the short schemes?

All short scheme deadlines will close down at midnight on the day of the deadline and you will not be able to submit applications once this happens.

Can I submit additional material?

Toward the end of the application form a section has been provided for any additional material you may want to include. You will be able to add information into a text box, upload a PDF file and/or include a URL. 

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