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Fiction: Live-Action International Production

About the Funding
This funding is for feature films and TV drama originating and principally managed from outside Ireland which uses Ireland as a location and involves Irish creative elements, with local services provided by an Irish-based producer.

As a guide, BSÉ/IFB normally expects a 20:1 spend ratio (reducible in specifically agreed circumstances to 15:1) between Admissible Irish Expenditure and the BSÉ/IFB investment, but each project will be treated on a case-by-case basis. The BSÉ/IFB can only support projects which have 90% or more of their finance in place, are green-lit to go into production within the calendar year that the application is made, and which involve Irish creative elements.

Provided the Irish producer and the overseas producer have a good track record and the creative elements are acceptable, assessment by BSÉ/IFB will be based primarily on consideration of the economic ‘multiplier' effect of its funding, and of the opportunities for Irish personnel to be employed in key positions.

As a general rule, and particularly when demand outstrips the funding available, BSÉ/IFB will place an emphasis on: 

  • Irish employment in all grades
  • Projects that can offer employment in lead creative roles including director, key cast, director of photography, production designer, costume designer, editor and composer
  • Contribution to Irish audiovisual infrastructure
  • Projects that will utilise serviced film studios and post-production facilities
  • Spend in the Irish economy
  • Projects that will deliver significant economic activity additional to that generated by other Irish funding including Section 481 (tax-based incentive funding) 

Because BSÉ/IFB support for international production is directly linked to consideration of a film or TV programme's economic effect within the Irish industry, the majority of this funding is released progressively during the course of the production upon receipt of cost reports showing that targets of Irish expenditure have been met.

Who Can Apply
BSÉ/IFB funding for International Production is available to established Irish production companies who are seeking to provide production services to co-produce a feature film or TV drama (single or series) originated and principally managed from outside Ireland, which will use Ireland as a location and/or production and post-production base.

How to Apply

Applications can now be made online. Visit the IFB Online Application System. Please consult with the BSE/IFB Film Commissioner prior to making an application.

If you wish to make an application for funding by post, contact 091 561 398 for the relevant application form. 

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