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International Development Loans

About the Funding

International Development Loans enable Irish producers to originate and/or co-develop high-profile internationally minded feature films (live action and animation) working with Irish and International creative talent from the early stages of the development process.  

The objectives of this programme are:

  • to engender strong creative collaborations between Irish and International producers with a strong track record in feature film production;
  • to provide opportunities for Irish writers and directors to work on high profile projects being developed for and with a high awareness of the international marketplace and involving experienced international producers and financiers;
  • to foster strong creative partnerships with international financiers  early in the development process.


Eligibility of a project for International Development Funding is determined by the following guidelines:

1. A project originated by an Irish producer working with Irish or international creative talent (writer, co-writer, director) and an International co-producer;

2. Projects originated by an International producer working with Irish Producer and/or Irish or international creative talent (writer, co-writer, director) which can demonstrate clear evidence of a genuine creative co-development relationship between the Irish producer early in the genesis of the project and where there is an agreed entitlement to a share of rights and revenues set out in a co-development contract;

3. Evidence of the acquisition of matching development funding from a third party international funding agency (e.g. BFI, NZFC).  

  •  In the case of Irish originated projects (as detailed in note 1 above), BSÉ/IFB will be prepared to make an initial award in order to allow the Irish Producer to seek matching funding. The award cannot be drawn until match third party funding is acquired.
  • In the case of non-Irish originated project (as detailed in note 2 above), third party funding must be in place prior to an application to BSÉ/IFB.

The maximum amount available at any one time is €50,000; the maximum total amount that BSÉ/IFB can provide to any one project is €100,000. Any amount of BSÉ/IFB development funding above €50,000 provided to a project must be matched by funding from other sources. BSÉ/IFB's funding contribution to a project cannot exceed the amount of development funding sourced in the project's country of origin. Applicants should note that in light of the pressure on BSÉ/IFB resources, awards considerably less than the maximum are likely to be offered. BSÉ/IFB will charge a premium of 50% on funding awarded and will require a share of copyright in the project.

Note that projects with Irish creative talent or some form of Irish content (story/characters/settings) and/or an evident cultural connection to Ireland will be strongly favoured, but all of the qualification guidelines above will still apply. The level of funding provided to a project will correspond primarily with the anticipated development expenditure on Irish elements, but allowances may be made in certain cases.

Who Can Apply
International Development Loans are available to Irish producers (defined as independent production companies registered in the Republic of Ireland which have an office and staff based in the Republic of Ireland) with a project they wish to initiate and or co-develop with a co-development agreement (at least in principle) in place and evidence that the originating producer has the necessary rights in any material that is to be adapted for the screen.

How to Apply
Applications can now be made online using the 'Make an Application' button on this page. Please ensure you have read the How to Apply guidelines prior to making an application. 

If you wish to make an application for funding by post, contact 091 561 398 for the relevant application form.

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