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Screenplay Development Loans

About the Funding

Screenplay Development Loans enable writers, or writers and directors, to develop a first draft and/or revised draft of a screenplay for a live-action fiction or animated feature film.

Available loans of up to €12,000 where a writer is the sole applicant; and up to €16,000 where a team of two or more writers is applying or where a writer and director apply together. In the latter cases, it is up to the applicants to agree between them how the loan is to be shared.

Development funding is provided by BSÉ/IFB for the making of films predominantly in English or Irish, or a combination of the two.

Who Can Apply

Screenplay Development Loans are available to writers, or writers and directors working together, where no producer is involved but applicants have a feature film project they wish to develop and clear access to the necessary rights in any material that is to be adapted for the screen.

How to Apply

Application Requirements: Logline, Synopsis, Treatment/Outline (6-10 pages) with 25 pages of the Screenplay or First Draft Screenplay, Notes on further development, Signed Evidence of Ownership of Rights document.

Applications can now be made online using the 'Make an Application' button on this page. Please ensure you have read the How to Apply guidelines prior to making an application.

If you wish to make an application for funding by post, contact 091 561 398 for the relevant application form. 

Talent Development Initiative

Writers will be offered the opportunity to work with a BSÉ/IFB approved Script Editor/Consultant to develop their ideas further and enhance their writing skills. Successful candidates will only be drawn from those who have submitted an application for the Screenplay Development Loan – there will not be a separate application process for this Initiative. This Initiative will be run on a trial basis and in an ad hoc nature from January 2015. Candidates may not be chosen on a regular basis, nor will there be a fixed number of selected participants. As there will be no funding made available to the candidates, it will be at their discretion if they wish to avail of the assistance.

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