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The Irish film industry has grown hugely over the last decade and as quoted in Variety recently ".. the industry is now achieving critical mass of filmmaking talent to match the kind of influence, disproportionate to its small size, that it has always enjoyed in the fields of literature and theatre. Following in the footsteps of Sheridan and Jordan comes a generation that includes such directors as Lenny Abrahamson, Conor McPherson, John Crowley, Martin McDonagh, John Carney, Kirsten Sheridan, Lance Daly, Paddy Breathnach and Damien O'Donnell and writers such as Mark O'Rowe, Enda Walsh and Mark O'Halloran."

The audio visual content production sector in Ireland itself is estimated to be worth over €550 million and employs over 6,000 individuals, with over 560 small and medium enterprises operating in the sector and this is before the added value that the industry can bring to the tourist industry.

Irish films have received much international attention in recent years with Irish films winning almost every major international award such as Academy Awards® (Best Song for Once, Best Short Film for Six Shooter), the Palm D'Or at Cannes (The Wind That Shakes The Barley), the Golden Bear in Berlin (Bloody Sunday) and the Golden Lion in Venice (The Magdalene Sisters). Once also won the prestigious Best Foreign  Film Award at the Independent Spirit Awards and Garage took home the CICAE Prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 2007.

Irish talent have also been recognised the world over with cast and crew picking up accolades at some of the most prestigious international award ceremonies and festivals such as the Golden Globes (Colin Farrell, Gabriel Byrne, Jonathan Rhys Meyers), the Emmys (Brendan Gleeson, Dearbhla Walsh, Joan Bergin) the BAFTAs (Lorraine Glynn, Morna Ferguson), Tribeca Film Festival (Eileen Walsh, Ciaran Hynes), Cartoon Movie (Tomm Moore, Cartoon Saloon) and the Evening Standard British Film Awards (Michael Fassbender, Seamus McGarvey). 

Ireland is an excellent co-producing partner for European and international productions with a wide range of financial incentives for film and television, excellent facilities, stunning locations and award winning cast and crew on offer. The recent improvements to Irelands tax incentive Section 481 for film and television production has dramatically improved Ireland's competitive position as a film location.   The ceiling on qualifying expenditure for any one film has increased from €35 million to €50 million and projects may now derive a benefit of up to 28% of their eligible Irish expenditure.

Over the past 20 years Ireland has played host to a number of very successful international productions such as Braveheart, Saving Private Ryan, Michael Collins and more recently Harry Potter, PS I Love You, Becoming Jane and Leap Year.  The images of Ireland portrayed in these films are screened all over the world and are a huge contributing factor to tourists visiting Ireland.

To find out more about the industry you can browse through our website which will provide you with information on IFB funded films, the Irish tax incentive Section 481, industry reports, Irish production companies, Irish crew and industry guilds along with detailed information on the IFB funding programmes.  

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