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Facts & Figures

Irish film - a vital part of the smart economy, offers a vibrant mix of Talent, Creativity and Enterprise.

The following facts of figures may be of interest:

• The audio visual content production sector in Ireland is estimated to be worth in excess €550 million, employing over 6,000 individuals, with over 560 small and medium enterprises operating in the sector.

• In 2012, there were 22 feature film projects produced in Ireland, 12 of which were Official International co-productions. 

 • These film projects attracted over €55m in International finance, and accounted for over €25m in Irish expenditure in 2012.

• The Irish Box Office in 2012 was €109m.  603 films were released theatrically, 20 of which were Irish. 

 • The number one film at the Box Office in 2012 was Skyfall (€5.97m), followed by The Dark Knight Rises (€5.50m), Ted (€4.05m), Marvel Avengers Assemble (€3.79m), and The Ice Age: Continental Drift (€2.72m).

• Ted was the biggest selling film on DVD in Ireland in 2012, followed by The Dark Knight Rises, Bridesmaids, The Hunger Games, and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1.

• There are currently 465 cinema screens in Ireland, across 70 different sites.  335 (72%) of these screens are digital.

• In 2010, 20% of all tourists cited Film as an influencing factor on why they visited Ireland. 

• Irish Film has won almost every major award available including; Academy Awards ® (Best Song for Once, Best Short Film for Six Shooter), the Palm D’Or at Cannes (The Wind That Shakes The Barley), the Golden Bear in Berlin (Bloody Sunday) and the Golden Lion in Venice (The Magdalene Sisters).

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