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Are you interested in getting involved in film? If so, find out more about the Irish film industry and what the Irish Film Board does.

The Irish Film Board is the national film agency. Our aim is to help filmmakers to make Irish films, and we provide production and development loans for features, television programmes, animation projects, documentaries and short films. We also help to promote individual films, the Irish film industry as a whole, and Ireland as a film location.

Our website is jam-packed with useful information and links for those starting out in the industry.


Want to know more about the Irish film industry?

Keep up to date on what's happening in Irish film at home and abroad with our news section

We are now on Twitter and Facebook so you can follow us and receive regular updates, headlines and news

Check out what's doing well at the Irish Box Office this week

See if there are any film festivals happening in your area: check out our Irish Film Festivals and Irish Youth Film Festivals sections

Learn about the International Film Festivals which may one day screen your film

Want to find out what it's like to attend a film festival or have your film in one? Read about Irish filmmakers' experiences at the Sundance Film Festival and the Berlin International Film Festival in our online blogs

Find out about the Irish features, animated projects, short films and documentaries that we have funded in the past in our Film Directory, and current film projects in our Funding Decisions section

See what awards Irish films are winning in our Awards section

View trailers and short films, and download podcasts of IFB panel discussions about the Irish film industry on Media Hub


Interested in getting some practical hands-on training?

Check out these organisations which specifically provide training for new entrants to the film and television industry.

Screen Training Ireland, now part of the Irish Film Board, provides continuing training and career development opportunities for professionals in the independent film, television and animation sector. Register here to receive updates on upcoming training programmes, bursary awards and industry news.

Filmbase in Temple Bar offers support to independent film and video makers with part-time and full-time training and development, facilities hire, film funding and information services. It also publishes Film Ireland magazine and its accompanying website, both of which are great resources for finding out what's going on in the Irish film industry.

The Galway Film Centre is a non-profit, members-based organisation dedicated to the development of film as an artistic medium in the West of Ireland. They support filmmakers, community and youth groups through education and training, equipment provision and information.

The Irish Film Institute is Ireland’s national cultural institution for film. As well as screening Irish and international cinema and promoting Ireland's moving-image heritage through the IFI Irish Film Archive, it also runs IFI Education, engaging with thousands of Irish students every year through screenings, workshops, resources, teacher training and related events.

Young Irish Film Makers is a digital film training and production centre in Kilkenny where young people (aged 13 to 20) can train on professional digital equipment to make films, particularly features. Find out more about their workshops and to access online video tutorials.

Cork Film Centre is a not for profit, membership based organisation that provides support and access to resources for filmmakers, video artists, animators, and those engaged in multi-disciplinary work involving the moving image.

Have a short film and want to get it made?

Filmbase administers a number of film and documentary production awards schemes, while the Galway Film Centre has a number of different awards designed to support and promote filmmakers with innovative ideas but limited financial resources. Directors who have graduated and have some experience can apply for a wide range of IFB funded short films schemes varying from fiction to documentaries and digital.

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