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IFB Strategy

Our vision is to enable a sustainable, successful, and expanding Irish based filmmaking industry through the development and employment of Irish creative, artistic and technical skills, and the development of strong Irish based companies capable of producing, financing and distributing Irish films on an international scale. 

Mission Statement
Talent, creativity and enterprise placing Irish film talent at the centre of the Irish creative knowledge economy.

Agency Goals
1. To enable Irish filmmakers to express their vision in film and television productions through a wide and innovative support system.

2. To enable the making of film in Ireland working continuously to improve the filmmaking environment through fiscal measures to on-the-ground support.

3. To enable the growth and exposure of Irish film talent through development and production initiatives, short film schemes and talent promotion through local and international film festivals, networks and partnerships. 

4. To grow the audience for Irish film in Ireland and abroad through the strengthening of the domestic marketplace and promoting the export of Irish film internationally.

5. To promote an integrated government policy for the audio-visual/digital content sector, with film at its centre through an integrated approach to creativity, enterprise and new technologies.

6. To deliver value for money to our key stakeholders and all those who benefit from the Irish Film Board – our audiences, Irish filmmakers and Irish talent, key partnerships and to Government and the Irish public, justifying continued support.

The board is currently developing a new five year strategy (2016-2020) which should be completed by December 2015.

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