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Brown Bag Films, Studio Known For Family-Friendly Animation, Announces New Adult Animation Brand Icehouse

9th Aug 2012
Brown Bag Films announced today the official launch of Icehouse®, a new entertainment brand from Dublin-based animation studio Brown Bag Films. Icehouse is dedicated to creating, producing and distributing "Entertainment for Grownups".

Brown Bag Films is established as a premiere producer of family-friendly animation with hit TV series The Octonauts (BBC) and Doc McStuffins (Disney Jr), which is currently the #1 preschool program in the United States. Brown Bag Films' animated short films have received two Academy Award® nominations.

Through Icehouse the company expands its creative reach into all-audience and primetime content, while parents can continue to rely on Brown Bag Films for the best in safe, kid-friendly programming.

Icehouse will be headed by Brown Bag Films Co-Founder Darragh O'Connell and by Producer Gregory R Little, head of Brown Bag Films' US office which will serve as the home base for the Icehouse brand.

Icehouse will act as a production home for animated comedy and action intended for both traditional and digital distribution.  The first project to go under the Icehouse label is recently announced animated feature DEEP, directed by Shane Acker (9) and produced by Little and O'Connell. Additional projects have been identified and will be announced shortly, along with key creative relationships and partnerships.

Where appropriate, the new Icehouse label will build audiences for the properties through direct distribution over digital channels, and then work to bring that audience to television, feature film and other traditional platforms. Icehouse supports creator-driven experimentation that gets new ideas in production and out to audiences quickly. The label will also serve as a test bed for new animation technologies, such as DEEP's game-engine workflow.

"I grew up on a diet of comic books, computer games and sci-fi," said O'Connell, "and now I want to bring some of these ideas to the screen and share what I loved about them in the first place."

"We want to have a strong two-way dialog with fans," said Little, "which means getting content out early in the process. We learn more from producing than developing, and keeping budgets low means that we can take more risks and experiment.

Commenting on the launch, CEO and co-founder of Brown Bag Films Cathal Gaffney said "This is an exciting time for Brown Bag Films as we diversify into new markets while still keeping our core children's business ringfenced."


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