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Irish Director John Butler Wins the Director's Finders Series with Irish New Film 'THE STAG'

8th Aug 2013

Congratulations to debut filmmaker John Butler who has won the Director'€™s Finders Series, with his film THE STAG providing this Irish director with the opportunity to showcase his feature film at the Directors Guild of America Theatre in LA on 20th September 2013.

The showcase will take place in front of an invited audience of American distributors, filmmakers, and key industry personnel, with the aim of securing a US distribution deal for the film. Selected by a panel of experts THE STAG tells the story of a very modern Irish groom-to-be who, at his fiancee'€™s urging, reluctantly agrees to a stag weekend with his urbane friends, wild camping in the west of Ireland.

Much to their chagrin, the brother of the bride- ‘The Machine'€™- a crazy, unpredictable alpha male, and an explosive Id to their collective Ego joins these modern men. THE STAG stars Andrew Scott, Peter McDonald, Hugh O'€™Conor, Amy Huberman, Brian Gleeson, Michael Legge and Andrew Bennett.

€Finders Series, conceived by the Directors Guild of America and facilitated by the Screen Directors Guild of Ireland, presents an Irish director with an opportunity to showcase their film and to have direct access to decision makers in the film distribution process in the US. The awards spotlight works of fiction, documentary or drama feature submissions from Irish directors who have not secured U.S distribution for their films.

John Butler directed and co-wrote the award winning sketch show "Your Bad Self". His debut novel, "The Tenderloin" was published by Picador and short-listed at the Irish Book Awards. He has written award-winning short stories, directed award-winning short films and commercials, and other written work has appeared in The Dublin Review, the Irish Times, The San Francisco Chronicle and on NPR.

"This is a huge honour for me and for all parties involved; my collaborator Peter McDonald, the producers, and cast and crew",€ said John Butler of his win. "At the outset, the only hope you can articulate for your film is that it manages to find as big an audience as possible. We're so proud of this film, and hopefully the 2013 DGA Director's Finders award gives us a chance to get THE STAG out into the world. Previous winners of the Director's Finders Series have gone on to make a significant impact on the international film stage, with four previous winners, including Ian Power'€™s The Runway and Tomm Moore'€™s The Secret of Kells, getting a US distribution deal and providing the director with an opportunity to develop key relationships with studios and distributors worldwide€¨.

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