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President Michael D. Higgins Attends Special Film Event Hosted By Irish Film New York

4th May 2012
President Michael D. Higgins attended a special screening of Academy Award® nominated Irish shorts which included GRANNY O'GRIMM'S SLEEPING BEAUTY and this year's Oscar winner THE SHORE.

The event, which took place in New York's famous Lincoln Centre, was hosted by Irish Film New York (IFNY) in association with the Consulate General of Ireland and the Film Society of Lincoln Centre.

The screening was followed by a panel discussion on Irish storytelling and film.  President Higgins took part along with filmmakers Macdara Vallely, Marion Quinn and IFNY director Niall McKay. President Higgins said that Irish film had to seek a balance between creating art and achieving commercial success. He outlined what he believed to be some of the issues explored most effectively by Irish filmmakers, including its portrayal of immigration within an Irish context - and even the Irish battle with sexual repression and frustration.

Irish Film New York ran its inaugural Irish Film Festival in NYC last September and it works to help Irish films and filmmakers find a market in the United States by fostering partnerships between Irish and US-based film Institutes.

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