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Fiction Creative Co-Production Loans

About the Funding

This funding is for live-action or animated feature films (live-action or animated TV projects are not eligible) originating outside Ireland in which an Irish producer is involved as a creative collaborator, not merely a service producer and provider of a minority of the finance needed. The film must be structured as an official co-production and must employ key Irish talent.

Priority will be given to projects that utilise Ireland as a film location, depict Ireland for Ireland, and where a number of key Irish HOD's and/or Irish cast are employed. Reciprocity from funding agencies in other jurisdictions will be sought in appropriate circumstances.

In cases of co-production where the eventual film will have little or no visual Irish content or no apparent cultural connection with Ireland; or where no principal photography is taking place in Ireland; or where the Irish creative elements are limited to one or two actors and one or two HOD's working outside Ireland; or where only a part of post-production is taking place in Ireland (full digital visual effects productions in Ireland will be positively regarded), funding is unlikely to be given, or it will be limited. 

As a matter of principle, films supported by BSÉ/IFB Creative Co-production funding must be approved as official co-productions under a bilateral treaty or the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-Production. Where in exceptional cases BSÉ/IFB agrees to waive this requirement, the film must still be structured as a bona fide co-production in which ownership, rights and revenues are shared among the co-producers. BSÉ/IFB will now not waive the requirement for official status in respect of co-productions with the UK.

Films funded under the Creative Co-Production programme may be made in any language.

Who Can Apply
BSÉ/IFB funding for Creative Co-Production is available to Irish producers who are seeking to co-produce and collaborate creatively on a live-action or animated feature film originated outside of Ireland, with clear access to the necessary rights in any material that is to be adapted for the screen and an agreement in place with the screenwriter and director which is structured as an official co-production.

How to Apply

Applications can now be made online using the 'Make an Application' button on this page. Please ensure you have read the How to Apply guidelines prior to making an application. A BSÉ/IFB Project Manager must be consulted prior to making an application.

If you wish to make an application for funding by post, contact 091 561 398 for the relevant application form.         

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