Research and Data

Research and Data

Here you will find a collection of research and gather data we have gathered to measure various trends within the IFB and the Irish film industry.

IFB Research and Data 

Exchequer Funding and Total Production Spend
This is a breakdown of the total funding received by the IFB from 2006 – 2016 from the Government and also includes the IFB spend during that period alongside the revenue that generated for the Irish economy.

Annual Applications and Strike Rate
This is a breakdown of the number of applications received by the IFB versus how many receive funding. 

This is an overview of gender trends within the industry and an analysis of the impact of IFB gender and diversity initiatives across our funding schemes. 

Exhibition and Distribution 

Cinema Exhibition 
This is a breakdown in Irish and European cinema trends over a number of years.

Box Office
This is a breakdown of the top ten Irish and European box office figures and market share over a seven-year period.


Annual Snapshot
This is an annual overview of various figures from both the IFB and the Irish film industry for 2016.

Total S481 Spend and Breakdown by Trends
This is a breakdown of projects which have availed of the Irish tax incentive, Section 481, categorised by genre over a ten-year period.